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Quaterly Magazine of the French Conchologist Association

Photo : Xenophora solaris.

Xenophora solaris Linné, 1767
Picture coming from Japanese BISYOGAI Shell site.

Welcome in this section dedicated to our quaterly magazine Xenophora.

You will find in this section :

Our magazine's name comes from the main genus of a Gastropod Family called Xenophorids.
Through the few pictures present on this webpage, you will have an insight of this family, present in all tropical seas and composed of around 25 species.
Their common name is "carrier shells" because Xenophorids are unusual in that in many of the species the animal cements small stones or shells or even... bottle cap (it has already been observed) to the edge of the shell as it grows, thus the shells of those species are sometimes humorously referred to as "shell-collecting shells". The genus name Xenophora comes from two ancient Greek words and means "bearing (or carrying) foreigners".

Photo : Xenophora pallidula. Photo : Xenophora pallidula.
Xenophora conchyliophora  Born, 1780
Picture coming from Brazilian website
Conquiliologistas do Brasil
Xenophora pallidula  Reeve, 1842
carrying a coral block bigger than it