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Xenophora Taxonomy

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General informations

AFC and its publication Xenophora Taxonomy now publish taxonomic works such as descriptions of new species, revisions at the superspecific level of molluscs, as well as other scientific articles. The manuscripts must comply with the rules and recommendations of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). The manuscripts will be submitted to a college of recognized personalities before being published. This committee will give its opinion on the relevance of the article, may suggest modifications or refuse publication.
These articles will be sent to the editorial office of Xenophora (redaction@xenophora.org) in English (with an introduction in French). Illustrations will be provided in high definition, CD or other digital media. The pictures will be color preferably. The legends of figures and plates must be given. The texts will be accepted in the format * .doc, * .txt or * .rtf, and the tables in format * .xls; The photos will be in jpg format with a resolution of 300 dpi. The photos submitted may be used by AFC-Xenophora for any other AFC publication, magazine or website.
The publication is free of charge. The Senior and juniors authors will receive a digital copie of the paper.

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Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°42. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 42 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 185 - January 2024

Description of a Darioconus species (Gastropoda: Conidae): Darioconus nosybarrenensis sp. nov., from Barren Islands, Western Madagascar. E. MONNIER, L. LIMPALAËR, F. PRUGNAUD
Revision of the fossil european taxa in genus Tibia Röding, 1798 (Gastropoda: Stromboidea, Rostellariidae). V. LIVERANI, U. WIENEKE
Description of two new species of Coralliophila from São Tome - Principe and Angola. B. GARRIGUES, F. SWINNEN, P. RYALL
Resetting taxonomic misinterpretation in Volutidae, genus Athleta. O. CRABOS
A new species of Neoterebra from Guadeloupe and Martinique. Y. TERRYN, D. LAMY
Additional information on mollusca for the Seas of Cyprus. D. KOLOKOTRONIS, Y. VARNAVA, T. MANOUSIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Description of a new Enaeta species from Noth East Brazil. O. CRABOS
New records of the family Conidae (J. Fleming, 1822) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conidea) from the Sultanate of Oman. A. CECALUPO

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°41. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 41 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 184 - October 2023

Taxonomic notes on the supposed synomyny of three Conidae species: Dauciconus (Dauciconus) jacquescolombi Monnier & Limpalaër, 2016, Dauciconus (Dauciconus) massemini Monnier & Limpalaër, 2016, Darioconus rosiae Monnier, Batifoix & Limpalaër, 2018. E. MONNIER, L. LIMPALAËR
Description of Raphitoma aspera spec. nov. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Raphitomidae) from the Mediterranean (Aegean Sea, Greece). G. MBAZIOS, C. KONTADAKIS, P. OVALIS, G. POLYZOULIS, C. ZEIMBEKIS, T. MANOUSIS
Species of the superfamilies Trochoidea (Gastropoda:Areneidae, Calliostomatidae, Colloniidae, Liotiidae, Skeneidae, Solariellidae, Trochidae, Turbinidae) and Seguenzioidea (Gastropoda: Calliotropidae, Cataegidae, Chilodontaidae, Seguenziidae) dregged by the R/V Pelican in the Gulf of Mexico. E.F. GARCIA
The marine Mollusca of Greece (by January 2023) : an updated, systemic catalogue, documented with bibliographic and pictorial references. T. MANOUSIS
Two new Emarginula Lamarck, 1801 species for the Hellenic Seas.K. PAPAVASILEIOU, T. MANOUSIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°40. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 40 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 183 - July 2023

Athleta (Volutospina) Baili nov.sp., une espèce nouvelle de Volutidae du Bartonien (Eocene moyen) du Bassin de Paris, J.M. PACAUD, D. LEDON
Western Pacific Ceruthiopsidae Part 1 : Solomon and Marquesas islands, A. CECALUPO & I. PERUGIA
Description of a new Jaspidiconus (Conoidea: Conidae) from Bahia, Brazil. Jaspidiconus elenae sp nov. G. PEREIRA DE QUEIROZ, O. CRABOS, G. S. P. OLIVEIRA
Enriching the marine molluscs' biodiversity of the Mediterranean and Hellenic seas (04/2023) T. MANOUSIS, G. MBAZIOS, G. ZAMINOS, C. KONTADAKIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Two new species of Marginellidae from Northeast Brazil. O. CRABOS, L. PASSOS DE ALMEIDA, G.S.P. OLIVEIRA.
Description of two new subspecies of Ancilla castanea (G.B. SOWERBY I, 1830) : Ancilla castanea lutoflava sp. nov.; Ancilla castanea albolutea sp. nov. and notes on a new color form of Ancilla castanea. S. MASSIMO
On the first recorded occurence of the invasive tropical snail Allopeas gracile (T. HUTTON, 1834) (Gastropoda, Achatinidae, Subulininae) in Greece. C. ZEIMBEKIS, G. ZAMINOS, D.P. CILIA, T. MANOUSIS
On the type specimens of Cymbolia cathcartiae. L. AMBAR, A. MONTEIRO.

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°39. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 39 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 182 - April 2023

Two new Typhinae from Brazil and Eastern Panama with comments on the genus Laevityphis, Siphonochelus and Trubatsa in the Western Atlantic, B. GARRIGUES
Mediterranean and Hellenic Seas: New records and distributional status of marine molluscs (by September 2022), T. MANOUSIS, G. MBAZIOS, G. ZAMINOS, A. PORFYRIS, K. PAPAVASILEIOU, C. KONTADAKIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Cerithiopsidae from Indiaan Ocean Part.2 - La Réunion, A. CECALUPO, I. PERUGIA
The family Cerithiopsidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Triphoroidea) in the Hellenic Seas and three new records for the East Mediterranean Sea, T. MANOUSIS, G. MBAZIOS, G. POLYZOULIS, G. ZAMINOS, C. KONTADAKIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Study of predation by Euspira catena (Gastropoda, Naticidae) on the sand beach of Pen Bron, La Turballe, Loire Atlantique, N. PAQUIEN, B. PAQUIEN
Mediterranean and Hellenic Seas: New records and distributional status of marine molluscs (by December 2022), S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI, G. ZAMINOS, T. MANOUSIS, C. KONTADAKIS, S. STASINOS, G. MBAZIOS, A. PORFYRIS

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°38. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 38 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 181 - January 2023

Description of Alvania esmes sp.nov. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Rissoidae) from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, T. MANOUSIS, J.D.O. BALDOVI, G. ZAMINOS
Rhinoclavis abbasi Thach, 2022 is a synonym of Clavocerithium taeniatum (Quoy & Gaimard, 1834), L. LIMPALAËR
A new species of Macromphalus (Gastropoda, Vanikoridae) from Weizhou Island, Guangxi, China), W.J. CHEN & C.F. TSENG
Description of a new Volvarina (Volutidae : Marginellidae) from North-East Brazil, G.P. DE QUEIROZ & O. CRABOS
Analysis of Cerithiopsidae of the Jousseaume's collection, A. CECALUPO & I. PERUGIA
New records and distributional status of marine Mollusca of Cyprus (by September 2022) D. KOLOKOTRONIS, T. MANOUSIS, K. PAPAVASILEIOU, C. KONTADAKIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Description of a new Naticidae from North-East Brazil, O. CRABOS, G. SEMER POMPONET OLIVEIRA, G. PEREIRA DE QUEIROZ, L. PASSOS DE ALMEIDA
The genus Amalda (Neogastropoda, Olivoidea, Ancillariidae) in the Mozambican coast, with the description of a new species, J. ROSADO & A. MONTEIRO

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°37. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 37 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 180 - October 2022

Revision of the Pionoconus magus species complex (Gastropoda: Conidae)
Description of six new species : P. hervillardi from Vanuatu, P. samaraiensis and P. manusensis from P.N.G.,P. vitilevuensis from Fiji Isl. and P. niasensis from west Sumatra and Nicobar Isl. E. MONNIER, F. PRUGNAUD, L. LIMPALAËR

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°36. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 36 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 179 - July 2022

Zetecopsis new name for Zetekopsis Merle, Garrigues & Pointier, 2022 (Gastropoda: Muricidae), not Zetekopsis Laubenfels, 1936 (Porifera: Coelosphaeridae). D. MERLE, B. GARRIGUES & J.P. POINTIER
The Coralliophilinae from the Antilles and French Guiana with the descriptionn of six new species. B. GARRIGUES, D. LAMY & D. ZUCCON
Description of a new species of the genus Raphitoma Bellardi, 1847 from the Mediterranean (Mollusca, Neogastropoda, Conoidea, Raphitomidae). C. KONTADAKIS & T. MANOUSIS
Cerithiopsidae from Indian Ocean Part. 1 - Oman, Dhofar region with description of 2 new species. A. CECALUPO & I. PERUGIA
Description of Odostomia Widmeri Spec. nov. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pyramidellidae) from the Eastern Mediterranean sea. T. MANOUSIS, M. TISSELLI & S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°35. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 35 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 178 - April 2022

Description de deux espèces nouvelles de Lyria Gray,1847 (Gastropoda : Volutidae) de l'Oligocène supérieur (Chattien) et du Miocène inférieur (Aquitanien) du Sud-Ouest de la France. P. BAIL, D. LEDON, J.M. PACAUD
New records and distributional status of marins Mollusca for the Hellenic Seas (by september 2021). G. MBAZIOS, T. ROZAKIS, G. ZAMINOS, S. KARYPIDIS, G. MINOS, K. PAPAVASILEIOU, C. KONTADAKIS, T. MANOUSIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Description of Volvarina Megapex sp nov, a new Marginellidae from Brazil. G. PEREIRA DE QUEIROZ, O. CRABOS, G. POMPONET OLIVEIRAS, L. PASSOS DE ALMEIDA
Great molluscan diversity associated with a limited Cymodocea nodosa (Ucria) Ascherson 1870 bed in Thermaikos Gulf, North Aegean Sea, Greece. T. MANOUSIS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
The true identity of Gradiconus anabathrum (Cross, 1865). D. BERSCHAUER

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°34. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 34 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 176 - October 2021

Redécouverte du matériel type de Cypraea flavicula Lamarck,1810 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cypraeoidea), un taxon considéré par erreur comme une espèce fossile du pliocène d'Italie. Implications taxonomiques. J.M. PACAUD, E. PARFENOVA
New records of extant and fossil Mollusca for the Hellenic Seas. G. ZAMINOS, C. APOSTOLOU, A. PORFYRIS, T. MANOUSIS, C. ZEIMBEKIS, S. TSIARAS, S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
The Marine Mollusca of Greece : An up-to-date, systematic catalogue, documented with bibliographic and pictorial references. T. MANOUSIS

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°33. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 33 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 175 - July 2021

Description of four new Typhinae species (Mollusca: Muricidae) and comments on the status of the genus Talityphis Jousseaume, 1882 and Trubatsa Dall, 1889. B. GARRIGUES
Hidden diversity in the Asprella clade: description of Conus (Asprella) neocostatus sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Conidae). B.M. OLIVERA, M. WATKINS, M.J. TENORIO, N. PUILLANDRE
La Malacofaune des zônes de pêche de l'Atlantique nord-ouest. Croisière des N/O Cryos et Thalassa de 1972 à 1975. Bivalvia. G. PAULMIER

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°32. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 32 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 174 - April 2021

Phasmoconus (Phasmoconus) rokokorum sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Conidae), new species from the Solomon Islands. E. MONNIER, F. PRUGNAUD & L. LIMPALAËR
Records of the Indo-pacific species Heliacus implexus (Mighels, 1845) (Gastropoda, Architectonicidae) established in the Mediterranean sea. T. MANOUSIS, C. KONTADAKIS, G. MBAZIOS & S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Notocochlis gualteriana (Récluz, 1844). Study of morphological variations and critical review of synomyny. N. PAQUIEN
Jaspidiconus laudelinoi sp. nov. & Jaspidiconus gregorioi sp. nov. (Gastropoda : conidae), new species from Bahia State, Northeast Brazil. O. CRABOS, G. SEMER POMPONET OLIVEIRA
Some microshells from Oman (Masirah Is.) I. PERUGIA

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°31. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 31 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 173 - January 2021

Phasmoconus (Phasmoconus) chindeensis sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Conidae), new species from the Mozambique channel. E. MONNIER, F. PRUGNAUD & L. LIMPALAËR
New records of Mollusca for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas. T. MANOUSIS, C. KONTADAKIS, G. ZAMINOS, A. PORFYRIS, G. MBAZIOS & S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
Remarques taxonomiques et nomenclaturales sur les mollusques gastéropodes du Paléogène de France et description d'espèces nouvelles. Partie 3. Conoidea. J.M. PACAUD
Conus (Sciteconus) punctomaculatus Bozzetti, 2020 est un synonyme de Dendroconus medoci (Lorenz, 2004). E. MONNIER, L. LIMPALAËR & F. PRUGNAUD
Rissoella angeli n. sp. (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Rissoellidae) and additional new records of molluscs for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas. T. MANOUSIS, G. ZAMINOS, E. SAMARA, G. MBAZIOS & S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI
One new species and one new subspecies of Amphidromus Albers, 1850 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata, Camaenidae) from Southeast Asia. Y-C WANG

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°30. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 30 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 172 - October 2020

Phasmoconus (P) vegaluzi sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Conidae), new species from the Bali Strait and S.E. Java, Indonesia. E. MONNIER, F. PRUGNAUD & L. LIMPALAËR
Carinatus, a new genus for the family Vitrinellidae with the description of 8 new species. F. RUBIO & E. ROLÁN
Description of two new species of cone snails from the Lesser Antilles. D. TOUITOU, N. PUILLANDRE, P. BOUCHET & P. CLOVEL
New records of Lower Heterobranchia for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas. T. MANOUSIS, C. KONTADAKIS, G. ZAMINOS, C. ZEIMBEKIS, G. MBAZIOS & S. GALINOU-MITSOUDI

Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°29. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 29 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 171 - July 2020

New morphotypes in the genus Taphon H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853 (Mollusca, Melongenidae) from Oman - M. Scali & V. Liverani
Maculauger kokiy nom. nov., un nom de remplacement pour Terebra pseudopertusa Bratcher & Cernohorsky, 1985 non Peyrot, 1931 (Mollusca : Gastropoda)- J-M. Pacaud & J-F. Lesport
New bivalve occurrences for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas - T. Manousis, A. Porfyris, G. Mbazios, G. Zaminos, C. Kontadakis & S. Galinou-Mitsoudi
La Malacofaune des zones de pêche de l’Atlantique nord-ouest.Croisières du N/O ‘Cryos’ de 1972 à 1975 - G. Paulmier
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°28. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 28 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 170 - April 2020

New records of Cimidae, Murchisonellidae and Pyramidellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) for the Mediterranean Sea and the Hellenic Waters de T. Manousis, C. Kontadakis, G. Mbazios & S. Galinou-Mitsoudi
Raphitoma echinata (Brocchi, 1814) et Raphitoma echinata sensu auctores sur la côte méditerranéenne du département des Alpes-Maritimes (France) de J. Pelorce & D. Horst
Description d’une nouvelle espèce des Philippines appartenant au genre Tripterotyphis (Muricidae : Tripterotyphinae). de B. Garrigues
Redécouverte de l’espèce terrestre «perdue» Abbottella gabbi Crosse, 1873 à Hispaniola de S. Aiken et J. Joseph
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°27. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 27 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 169 - January 2020

New gastropod records for the Mediterranean Sea and the Hellenic Seas - G. Mbazios, C. Kontadakis, S. Galinou-Mitsoudi & T. Manousis
Darioconus cathyae sp.nov. and Darioconus michelcharlesi sp. nov.,two new species from the D. aulicus / D. auratinus complex - E. Monnier, L. Limpalaër & F. Prugnaud
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°26. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 26 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 168 - October 2019

Variability and geographical distribution of Darioconus lohri (Kilburn, 1972) - J. Rosado & A. Monteiro
New records of Rissoidae for the Hellenic Seas with the description of Rissoa electrae n. sp. - T. Manousis, C. Kontadakis, G. Mbazios & S. Galinou-Mitsoudi
Prédation par des Naticidae sur l’île Rodrigues - N. Paquien
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°25. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 25 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 167 - July 2019

Le genre Ithycythara (Conoidea, Mangeliinae) aux Antilles françaises. Description de 4 nouvelles espèces - G. Paulmier
Five new muricid species (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Eocene of France, Senegal and Pakistan - D. Merle & J.M. Pacaud
Mammilla simiae (Deshayes, 1838). Description et identification d'un lectotype dans la collection de l'Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris Université Claude Bernard de Lyon - N. Paquien
Two new species of Raphitoma (Gastropoda: Conoidea : Raphitomidae) from the Greek Seas - C. Kontadakis, G.Mbazios, G. Plyzoulis & T. Manousis
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°24. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 24 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 166 - April 2019

Conidae offshore de Guadeloupe : Description du matériel dragué lors de l’expédition KARUBENTHOS 2 contenant de nouvelles espèces par M. Rabiller & G. Richard
Pionoconus mascarenensis (Gastropoda: Conidae) a new species of the P. gubernator / leehmani complex from South-Western Indian Ocean par E. Monnier & L. Limpalaër
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°23. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 23 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 165 - January 2019

Révision du complexe Marginella anna Jousseaume, 1881 dans l'Océan Indien occidental. F. Boyer & J. Rosado
Inventaire des Muricidae récoltés au cours de la campagne MADIBENTHOS du MNHN en Martinique (Antilles Françaises) et description de 12 nouvelles espèces des genres Dermomurex, Attilosa, Acanthotrophon, Favartia, Muricopsis et Pygmaepterys (Mollusca, Gastropoda). B. Garrigues, D. Lamy & D. Zuccon
ADN, taxonomie et phylogénie. N. Puillandre
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°22. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 22 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 164 - October 2018

Les Cypraeoidea (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) du Priabonien (Éocène supérieur) de Dnipro (Oblast de Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) Partie 3 : Ovulidae (suite) et Eratoidae J.-M. Pacaud
A new species of Hastula from Negros, Philippines Y. Terryn
Murexsul pacaudi nom. nov., un nouveau nom de remplacement pour Murex hexagonus Lamarck, 1816 † J. Van Hyfte & L. Danvin
Révision du groupe Glabella mozambicana Boyer, 2014 dans le nord-Mozambique F. Boyer, J. Rosado & S. Gori
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°21. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 21 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 163 - July 2018

New Distributional Records of Four Indo-Pacific Species from Astypalaia Island, Greece - A. Angelidis & G. Polyzoulis
Les Cypraeoidea (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) du Priabonien (Eocène supérieur) de Dnipro (Oblast de Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) - Partie 2: Ovulidae (le genre Projenneria Dolin,1997) - J.-M. Pacaud
Révision des gastéropodes marginelliformes dans le récifal supérieur des Maldives - F. Boyer
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°20. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 20 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 162 - April 2018

Révision des Granulinidae du récifal supérieur de l'île de Masirah (Oman) - F. Boyer
Les Cypraeoidea (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) du Priabonien (Eocène supérieur) de Dnipro (Oblast de Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) - Partie 1: Cypraeidae - J.-M. Pacaud
Muricidae récoltés au cours de la campagne KARUBENTHOS 2 du MNHN dans les eaux profondes de Guadeloupe (Antilles Françaises) et description de trois nouvelles espèces de Muricidae des genres Pagodula et Pygmaepterys (Mollusca, Gastropoda) - B. Garrigues & D. Lamy
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°19. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 19 - 2nd Add-on to Xenophora n° 161 - January 2018

Pictoconus, new genus from South Africa and Profundiconinae, new subfamily - L. Limpalaër & E. Monnier
Darioconus rosiae (Gastropoda: Conidae) a new species of the Darioconus pennaceus complex from South-West Madagascar - E. Monnier, J.-L. Batifoix & L. Limpalaër
The cones (Gastropoda) from Madagascar «Deep South»: composition, endemism and new taxa - E. Monnier, M.J. Tenorio, P. Bouchet & N. Puillandre
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°18. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 18 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 161 - January 2018

Description d’une espèce nouvelle de Cypraeidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) du Bartonien supérieur (Marinésien, Éocène moyen) du bassin de Paris D. Ledon
Mcleaniella, a new genus of Liotiidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from Paleocene of the Paris Basin (France) J.-M. Pacaud
Les Pectinoidea (Bivalvia, Pectinina) des Antilles françaises. Description d’une nouvelle espèce. G. Paulmier
About the alleged endemism of marine gastropods in the Strait of Gibraltar. F. Boyer & W. Renda
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°17. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 17 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 160 - October 2017

Révision des Marginellidae du Récifal supérieur de l'île de Masirah (Oman) F. Boyer
New Cones from North-West Madagascar (Gastropoda: Conidae) E. Monnier & M.J. Tenorio
Amphidromus calvinabbasi, a new species (Gastropoda: Camaenidae) from Indonesia N.N. Thach
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°16. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 16 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 159 - July 2017

Trahaldia, un nouveau genre de Columbellidae (Mollusca, Neogastropoda)du Bartonien (Eocène moyen) du bassin de Paris J-M. Pacaud
Révision des marginelles d’Issel et description de trois Gibberula nouvelles des côtes égyptiennes de la Mer Rouge F. Boyer
Révision de l’organisation supra-spécifique des Gastéropodes granuliformes F. Boyer
Description d’une nouvelle espèce de Dermomurex (Muricidae, Muricinae) collectée au cours de l’expédition KARUBENTHOS 2 en Guadeloupe, Antilles Françaises B. Garrigues & D. Lamy
Les Muricidae (Mollusques, Gastéropodes) de La Goulette (Baie de Tunis) M. Antit, S. Gofas & A. Azzouna
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°15. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 15 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 158 - April 2017

Astrangaria, un nouveau genre d'Angariidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) des calcaires daniens (Paléocène inférieur) du bassin de Paris par J-M. Pacaud
Révision de la sous-famille des Rissoininae (Caenogastropoda, Rissoinidae) des Antilles françaises.
Descriptions de sept nouvelles espèces par G. Paulmier
Muricidae récoltés en Guyane au cours de l'expédition La Planète Revisitée par B. Garrigues & D. Lamy
Erronea caurica mayottensis : une nouvelle sosu-espèce décrite de Mayotte par P. Vachon & N. Verneau
Un cas d'espèces jumelles allotopiques : Marginella festiva Kiener. 1841 et M. bavavi Dautzenberg. 1910
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°14. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 14 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 157 - January 2017

On the differences between Nassarius hugokooli Thach, 2016 and Nassarius graphiterus (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1848) by N. N. Thach
Les Columbellidae (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda) de Guyane Française par J. Pelorce
Virgiconus malabaricus (Gastropoda: Conidae). A new cone snail from Southern India with taxonomic notes on related species
by E. Monnier, L. Limpalaër & M.J. Tenorio
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°13. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 13 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 156 - October 2016

Amphidromus jeffabbasorum, a new species (Gastropoda : Camaenidae) from Indonesia by N. N. Thach
Revision of Dauciconus daucus complex (Gastropoda : Conidae). Description of two new species : Dauciconus jacquescolombi n.sp. from La Martinique
and Dauciconus massemini n.sp. from French Guyana by E. Monnier & L. Limpalaër
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°12. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 12 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 155 - July 2016

Considération sur les espèces Mitra branderi et M. chaussyensis de l'Eocène du Bassin Parisien et description du nouveau genre Eovoluta par J-M Pacaud
Une nouvelle Granulina à coquille cylindrique dans l'archipel des Canaries par F. Boyer
Description de trois nouvelles espèces de Muricidae collectés durant l'expédition du MNHN en Guyane Française et réhabilitation de Murex mexicanus par B. Garrigues & D. Lamy
A new deep water species from the Philippines : Profundiconus limpalaeri sp. nov. by M. Tenorio
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°11. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 11 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 154 - April 2016

Description d'une nouvelle espèce de Muricopsis des îles Galapagos par B. Garrigues
A review of the Genus Euthria from the Cape Verde Archipelago by K. Fraussen & F. Swinnen
New insights into Conus jourdani, an endemic species from Saint Helena Island by M. Tenorio, F. Lorenz & M. Dominguez
Note taxonomique sur des Carditidae (Bivalvia : Carditoida) du Maastrichtien et du Danien de Bassin de Paris introduits par Alcide d'Orbigny en 1850 par J-M Pacaud & D. Merle
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°10. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 10 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 153 - January 2016

Obba louiseae, a new species (Gastropoda : Camaenidae) from Philippines by Nguyen Ngoc Thach
Erratum à l'article "Réhabilitation du taxon Jania Bellardi, 1873, un genre objectivement valide" par J-M Pacaud
Oliva kohi spec.nov. by Christian Hunon, Michaël Rabiller & Georges Richard
Phasmoconus (Phasmoconus) tenorioi, a new species from the Red Sea by Eric Monnier, António Monteiro & Loïc Limpalaër
Description of a new species of Lambis from Palawan, Philippines by Ricardo Villar
Etude d'un nouveau genre de Marginellidae de l'Indo-Pacifique par Franck Boyer
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°9. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 9 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 152 - October 2015

Révision des Ancilla (Olividae : Ancillinae) de Masirah par F. Boyer
Note sur les Ancilla du Golfe d'Aden par F. Boyer
A new species of Marginella (Gastropoda : Marginellidae) from South Mozambique by J. Rosado & A. Monteiro
Emarginula apolonia nom.nov, un nouveau nom de remplacement pour Emarginula fenestrella Deshayes, 1863 par J-M Pacaud
Réhabilitation du taxon Jania Bellardi, 1873 (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Buccinidae),un genre objectivement valide par J-M Pacaud
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°8. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 8 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 151 - July 2015

Les Olivellidae (Neogastropoda) des Antilles Françaises. Description de quatre nouvelles espèces par G. Paulmier
Designation of a neotype of Amalda decipiens (G. B. Sowerby III, 1897) par D. Gratecap
Une nouvelle Persicula de la Mer Rouge par R. Le Béon
Fulgoraria callomoni : a new species from Vietnam by N. N. Thach
Révision des Marginelles de Linné (Mollusques prosobranches : Marginellidae et Cystiscidae) par F. Boyer
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°7. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 7 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 150 - April 2015

Note on Profundiconus smirna with description of a new species : Profundiconus smirnoides n.sp by M. Tenorio
Révision of the Kioconus caillaudi complex. Description of two new endemic Kioconus (Gastropoda, Conidae): K. hoaraui n.sp, from La Réunion and K. malcolmi n.sp, fron the Red Sea by E. Monnier & L. Limpalaër
Additional informations on Lividoconus conco (Puillandre & al, 2015) a new endemic cone from the Marquesas Islands by E. Monnier & L. Limpalaër
Le groupe Volvarina angustata (Sowerby, 1846) dans l'Océan Indien septentrional by Franck Boyer
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°6. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 6 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 149 - January 2015

Première occurrence du genre Berthella (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pleurobranchoidea) au Paléogène du bassin de Paris et description de trois nouvelles espèces Jean-Michel Pacaud
Révision du Genre Hydroginella Laseron, 1957 dans les Mascareignes Franck Boyer
Sur quelques Volvarina (Marginellidae) de l’Océan Indien occidental Franck Boyer
Two new Engina Gray, 1839 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae) from south-west Indian Ocean Koen Fraussen, Eric Monnier and José Rosado
A new Profundiconus from Northern New Caledonia: P. zardoyai sp. nov. Manuel Tenorio
Malagasyconus, a new genus from Southern Madagascar Eric Monnier & Manuel Tenorio
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°5. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 5 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 148 - October 2014

Description d’un nouveau Pachybathron de Guadeloupe Franck Boyer
Révision des Gibberula (Gastropoda : Cystiscidae) du niveau récifal de l’archipel des Mascareignes Franck Boyer
Une nouvelle Persicula du Sahara occidental Roger Le Béon
A new Fulgoraria (Gastropoda: Volutidae) from Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Thach
Conus (Gastropoda, Conidae) from offshore French Polynesia: Description of dredging from Tarasoc expedition, with new records and new species Michaël Rabiller and Georges Richard
A new endemic species from French Polynesia : Leporiconus pomareae n. sp. (Gastropoda, Conidae) Eric Monnier & Loïc Limpalaër
New data on the endemic Cones (Gastropoda, Conidae) of Angola, with the description of new species António Monteiro, Carlos Afonso, Manuel J. Tenorio, José Rosado & David Pirinhas
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°4. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 4 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 147 - July 2014

Designation of a neotype of Africonus maioensis A. Monteiro, C. Afonso & G. Rosa
Description of a new species of Muricidae of the genus Homalocantha from the Philippines G. Granpoder & B. Garrigues
Etude du complexe Glabella denticulata (Link, 1807) F. Boyer
Additions to the Cone Shell Faunas (Conidae and Conilithidae) of the Cearaian and Bahian Subprovinces, Brazilian Molluscan Province E. Petuch & R. Myers
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°3. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 3 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 146 - April 2014

A new Volute from Vietnam : Fulgoraria bailorum N. N. Thach
A new Scaphella from the Danian Limestones of the Paris Basin J-M. Pacaud
Phasmoconus (Fulgiconus) santinii (Gastropoda, Conidae), a new surprising species from the Fiji. E. Monnier & L. Limpalaër
New Species of Conidae and Conilithidae (Gastropoda: Conoidea) from the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, and Brazil E. J. Petuch& R. Myers
Recent findings from the Islands of Maio and Boa Vista in the Cape Verde Archipelago:
Description of three new Africonus species (Gastropoda: Conidae) C. M. Afonso & M. J. Tenorio
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°2. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 2 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 145 - January 2014

New informations and specimens of Darioconus laueri Monnier & Limpalaër, 2013 by Loïc Limpalaër & Eric Monnier
New species of Africonus (Gastropoda, Conidae) from Boavista in the Cape Verde Archipelago: Molecular and Morphological Characterization
by Manuel Tenorio, Carlos Afonso , Regina Cunha & Emilio Rolán
A new species of Cymbiola (Gastropoda: Volutidae) from Western Australia by Patrice Bail & Alan Limpus
Description of a new taxon: Scabricola newcombii irisae n. ssp.From New Caledonia and the Philippines by Roger Le Beon
Description of a new Profundiconus from Togian Island, Sulawesi (Indonesia): Profundiconus stahlschmidti sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Conilithidae) by Manuel Tenorio & John Tucker
Couverture du Xenophora Taxonomy n°1. Xenophora Taxonomy N° 1 - Add-on to Xenophora n° 144 - October 2013

Revision of the Pionoconus achatinus Complex.
Description of three new species: P. koukae n. sp. from Oman, P. arafurensis n. sp. from Northern Australia and P. rouxi n. sp. from Western Australia. Eric Monnier, Loïc Limpalaër & Alain Robin
A new cone species frome Aruba: Perplexiconus wendrosi n. sp. Manuel Tenorio & Carlos Afonso