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Forum on present and fossil shells      
French Natural Scientists Forum      
French speaking Forum on seashells      


Museums and organizations

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CLEMAM - Check List of European MArine Mollusca         
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of Wild Fauna and Flora)          
EurOBIS : European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (MARBEF)      
French National Museum of Natural History (MNHN)      
Malacology department collections of ANSP      
Malacology Museum of Cupra Marittima        
National Shellfisheries Association (NSA) - USA      
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County      
Seashell Museum of "Les Sables d'Olonne" (France)        
The Mauritius Seashells Museum        


Shell Clubs & Associations

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B.V.C. Kust - Coastal Section of the Belgian Flemish Malacological Society        
Belgian Malacological Society (publishing Novapex)      
Conchologists Of America (COA)        
Hawaiian Shell Club      
Italian Malacological Society (publishing Bolletino Malacologico)        
Malacological Society of Australasia      
San Antonio Club      
San Diego Shell Club      
Spanish Malacological Society (publishing Iberus)        
Suncoast Conchologist Florida      
The American Malacological Society      


Personnal Websites & Shell Dealers

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A la capitainerie      
Algoa Bay Shells      
Beautiful cowries (by Marco Passamonti)        
Caledonian Seashells      
Collector's Secret      
Conchbooks - online Bookseller specialized in Conchology books      
Conchology Office - S. Le Cochennec          
Conchology, Inc          
Coquillages de Collection      
Cowries - F. Lorenz's Website      
De Donder Shells website      
Donax seashells      
Encyclopedia of New Caledonia      
Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods      
History, description and identification of seashells; A collection from Madagascar        
Man and Mollusc      
Mostra Mondiale Malacologia        
Scaphander (by Bruno LAFITTE)      
Seashell collector      
Seashell Prices        
Seashells of the Mediterranean Sea            
Shells from China      
Shells of Marquez      
Shells Passion      
South West Indian Ocean Nudibranchs        
The Seashells of New South Wales      
The Shells of French Polynesia        
The WWS Channel      
Worldwide Ranellidae & Personidae