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The AFC library

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All books and works can be read and got out at the Paris office, 20 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier. Open dates can be found in the Monthly meetings section (usually the first saturday of each month).

As all the books of the library cannot be recorded, we have choosen a representative sample of books illustrating diversity of molluscs.

The library also contains a lot of periodical publications such as American conchologist, Basteria, Iberus, La Conchiglia, Apex/Novapex, Gloria Maris, Zoosystema etc. not recorded at all on the website.

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How this search form works :

Lower and upper cases : they are not taken into account (example : you will find the book "Shells of Gabon" by typing either "GABON", "gabon" or "GaBoN" !).

Titles : if you input several words or pieces of words (strings), all the strings you have inputted must be in the result in the same order (example : you can find the book "Shells of Gabon" by searching "shells gabon", "shell of gab" but "gabon shells" will not give any results. If you only wants all books which title contains "Shells", only fill "shell").

Authors :
   - only last name is taken into account (example : if you fill "poppe", results will contain "Volutes" by Guido Poppe but if you fill "guido", it will not be found).
   - you can search several "pieces of names" (strings), all the strings you have inputted must be in the result in the same order (example : if you did not know how to spell the last name of Cernohorsky W. O., you can enter "cerno ky", all his books will be in the result).
   - you can only search one author by request (example : if you search "A conchological Iconography : Genus Amoria", you can find it by searching "poppe", "bail" or "limpus" but you will have no results by entering "bail limpus").

Families and areas :
   - you can select several ones by pressing the control {Ctrl} key each time you click on an item
   - for areas search, the item "All the books" is equivalent to "No criteria". But the item "Worldwide" will allow to find all books not focused on the shells of an area (for example : "Compendium of Seashells" by Tucker Abbott R. & Dance P. ).