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Monthly meetings

Meetings take place every month in A.F.C. tiny library room. However you come from Paris area or you are passing through Paris at the moment, the meeting is open to every paid-up members.

It is the opportunity to discuss about last trips and conchological issues, to get advices, to exchanges shells etc. Of course, you could also read and borrow books from the library. So do not hesitate to pay us a visit.


Meeting usually took place on the first Saturday of every month between 02:00 PM and 06:00 PM. But you should rather visit this page for confirmation.

Next monthly meetings :


If you wish to come or want to get some additional information , do not hesitate to contact the volunteer member on duty : .

How to go there ?

The meeting room is located in :

7 bis avenue du Gouverneur Général Binger
First basement - First door on the right
City of 'St Maur des Fossés - 94100' (next Paris)

Plan d'accès au local AFC.